At Legacy Club of Boston, we salute both the history of our amazing city and those from our city who make history. We consider Boston and its suburbs home and Boston as our city.

We pay homage to those that immigrated here, to those that settled here and to those that fought for our independence. Our rich history is home to some of the greatest innovators the world has known. Our community has helped develop some of the world’s greatest leaders and some of the most inspirational figures in history. Among its many attributes Boston is known for its higher education, it is known for its medical and biomedical excellence, it is known for its attentive, assertive and passionate people. It is also known for its historic and frequently championed sports teams and its entertainers. In virtually every discipline, Boston has leaders in the category. Legacy Club of Boston will share the stories of the historical legends before us and be resource for those on their journey. 

We share these stories, historical accounts and information for all of us to explore. Legacy Club of Boston, its Members, Partners and affiliated do not necessarily agree with all or any statements made by each individual highlighted nor any of their actions through out history. We realize the world continues to change and what was once the status quo continues to evolve. We hope you enjoy the posts and we welcome any suggestions for additional content.