A historic place for modern events

Legacy Club of Boston honors the contributions of our predecessors, enhances the opportunity of those along the road, and lends a hand to those beginning their journey. The Club has not been in existence since 1899 when the building was built, however, we can’t help but to be inspired by the history of Boston and our people. Legacy Club of Boston provides a comfortable nostalgic setting where members can choose to step away from the business of their lives to relax, perhaps entertain and develop relationships. Members may also choose to avail themselves with unique access to business deals, investments and opportunities not easily found.



The Club is ideally located across the street from Boston's entertainment epicenter, the TD Garden, and soon to be completed Hub on Causeway. 180 Canal Street was originally built in 1899. Located on the 5th floor, we restored the space to its original brick and beam interior. The result is a perfect blend of old-world charm and new technologies. 

Legacies may be highlighted by moments of great achievements in business, sports, technology, philanthropy, science, entertainment, or any other discipline. Unimaginable sports victories, or business success beyond belief, highlight careers and lives that will not soon be forgotten. But these successes are just milestones. Typically, the road to achievement is paved with a blend of perseverance, determination, compassion, humiliation, generosity, focus, and fearlessness, that often go unnoticed at the podium of life. But these attributes are what legacies are built on.

It is our goal to honor the legacies of our predecessors, to continue to grow our own, and to lend a hand to those beginning their journey. We are building a membership base that relishes in their pursuit of greatness and enjoys leaving their mark on the community and the world.
— Cleon Daskalakis | Founder

What we do for you


Regardless if your current lifestyle would bring you to the TD Garden North Station area once a week, once a month or once a year, a Membership to Legacy Club of Boston includes you in an elite group of Bostonians dedicated to the ideals set forth from our founders, it indicates your support of the next generation of leaders, and honors you for your dedication to the place we all call home.

Although many of the benefits of membership have nothing to do with the physical location of the Club, given the proximity to the TD Garden, Legacy Club of Boston provides a private luxury tailgate experience for its Members and their guests to all Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics and other TD Garden events. With a seasoned Hospitality Manager baring chef’s credentials, even the simplest of food offerings are delivered with extraordinary attention to detail. The Club also hosts its own special events and welcomes members to host their own private events. Other amenities include: daytime usage of the club, reserved valet parking on game nights, global access to special events and venues, access to ticketing for all local sporting events and concerts, club reciprocity program, private wine and dry lockers, Tech-slate video monitors and video conferencing, and the option to participate in exclusive Legacy Equity Growth Services business opportunities and investments.

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