A note from our founder:

Legacies may be highlighted by moments of great achievements in business, sports, technology, philanthropy, science, entertainment, or any other discipline.  

Unimaginable sports victories, or business success beyond belief, highlight careers and lives that will not soon be forgotten.  But these successes are just milestones.  

Typically, the road to achievement is paved with a blend of perseverance, determination, compassion, humiliation, generosity, focus, and fearlessness, that often go unnoticed at the podium of life. But these attributes are what legacies are built on. 

It is our goal to honor the legacies of our predecessors, to continue to grow our own, and to lend a hand to those beginning their journey.  We are building a membership base that relishes making a difference in the community and enjoys leaving their mark. 

We welcome you to learn more about the benefits of a Legacy Club of Boston Membership.

My best always,

Cleon Daskalakis